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article imageChild Discovers Animal Foot in Hot Dog

By geozone     Feb 25, 2007 in Health
Eight-year-old Maiken Kroghdal was enjoying the dinner meal of hot dogs with her family when she suddenly spotted something gray in the midst of her meat.
She had almost finished her dog at the time and when she pulled the gray substance out, she found a centimeter (0.4 inch) long foot with a claws. The child's father told a local newspaper he believes it was a rat's foot from its size and appearance.
The sausage was bought at a local supermarket and its manufacturer is the leading meat producer in Norway. But the company was rocked by a series of scandals involving its products last year, including excrement found in its meat and a series of E. coli poisonings.
Nortura , the meat producer, claims this recent incident cannot possibly be their fault.
According to the company's communications director: "It is unlikely that the foot of an animal can be in a sausage because the sausage is ground to a pulp. So it is, practically speaking, impossible."
The company has called upon the police to launch a full investigation to clear them of any blame in this matter.
However, Maiken 's father, Rolf, has no doubt whatsoever the animal foot was packed into the meat during the production process because it was clearly stuffed into middle of the hot dog.
As for how this experience has affected his family, Rolf said, "This is one of the most nauseating things I have ever experienced. We will never eat ground meat again."
It was probably a traumatic experience for the young girl. It would be even for an adult to find an animal foot, complete with claw, in your hot dog.
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