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Terrorist start Virtual War?

By rob13     Feb 25, 2007 in Lifestyle
The Second Life Liberation Army (SLLA) is now taking terrorism to the Second Life virtual world by launching "viruses" from avatars.
Demanding "basic rights", the Second Life Liberation Army (SLLA) has started attacking other avatars until Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, give into their demands.
Second Life has a membership of over 4 million people, and any simulated violence is against membership policy. SLLA claims they will disband once their demands are met. One demand by SLLA is that Second Life is allowed to go public so that all members receive 1 share of stock.
The virtual bomb blasts in Second Life explode in hazy white balls, blotting out portions of a screen and battering nearby avatars, animated figures that are residents' proxies in the virtual world.-quote from article.
There have been few complaints from the Second Life membership, and most members are taking this attack with a sense of humor. However, Linden Labs states that if any member feels they are being harassed by the SLLA, the SLLA may face banishment from the 'community'.
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