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Pakistan gathering not aimed at Shias or Iran: Erdogan

By ViewsonNews     Feb 25, 2007 in Politics
Via The Daily Times, Pakistan: Pakistan gathering not aimed at Shias or Iran. "A string of meetings planned by President Gen Pervez Musharraf for leaders of key Muslim nations are not aimed at forging an alliance against Shiite Iran.
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday."
"This is not designed to isolate any country,” Erdogan told the Qatari-based Al-Jazeera television network. “It should not be taken from this (point of view),” he said in the interview recorded earlier Saturday in Istanbul, Turkey."
Pakistan is to host a meeting of foreign ministers from seven Muslim nations on Sunday (today) to discuss how to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and bring peace to Iraq and Afghanistan."
Commentary :
Media reports in the Arab world suggested that Musharraf aims to establish up a Sunni alliance to confront rising influence of Shiite Iran in the region.
The reports are true. But Iran is responsible for this. Since 1979, Iran has pursued interventionist policies.
Vali Nasr, a Council for Foreign Relations fellow explains :“The first decade of Khomeini trying to mobilize Saudi Shiites, Lebanese Shiites and trying to stage a coup in Bahrain and cause trouble in Kuwait all hardened views.”
Khomeini threatened the countries around him. He threatened Iraq and he threatened Saudi Arabia and each responded in a wrong way. Iraq ended up attacking Iran.
The real cause of the tension according to Iranian author Amir Taheri, is that “Iran intends to reshape the Middle East after its own fashion” (New York Post, August 8).
Ahmadinejad stated clearly his vision for the future of the region in his election campaign: “The Middle East can have either an American future or an Islamic one led by Iran.”
This kind of rhetoric has frightened the Arabs rulers. They are of the opinion that Israel is the devil they know, but Iran is the growing threat.
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