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article imageToday's New Ideas -- Shopping Cart Handle Sanitizer

By Carolyn E. Price     Feb 24, 2007 in Health
Latest invention that helps prevent the spread of bacteria.
Trying to stop the spread of bacteria from one person to another, shopping centres are supplying sanitary wipes to customers that they can use to clean and disinfect the handle of a shopping cart. Usually, the free wipes are dispensed where at the shopping cart collection bay, but some customers just pick up their carts in the parking lot.
The latest invention for sanitizing shopping carts? A handle sanitizer that has a reservoir filled with liquid anti-bacterial agent that slides along a plastic guide sleeve, fitted around the handle of a shopping cart. The sleeve contains a lengthwise rail that ensures the reservoir is properly aligned around the handle for a smooth sliding motion.
The reservoir is configured with an open-slotted passageway to accommodate the trolley handle and the guide sleeve. A seal ring, provided at opposite ends of the passageway, is used to retain and prevent evaporation of sanitizing liquid, which is slowly dispense through a small hole midway down the passage.
To control the flow rate of liquid, the mid section of the passageway is lined with a felt-type washer ring, which completely covers the dispense opening. The absorbent property of the washer acts as a wick transferring anti-bacterial liquid by means of capillary action to the surface of the shopping cart handle.
So basically, you grab the handle sanitizer (which technically, could be full of germs!) and slide it along the shopping cart's handle and it will dispense anti-bacterial stuff that will sanitize the handle so you won't get someone else's cooties!
This is really an interesting innovation, but someone's got to keep filling the dam reservoirs up and I can't see the greeter's at WalMart going for that, can you?
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