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81-Year-Old security guard saves a woman's life

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 24, 2007 in World
81 year old security guard jumps in pond and pulls a 200-pound woman from submerged car
The 81-year-old security guard in Volusia County, Florida saved a womans life after her vehicle went into the pod.
He noticed the sedan drive into the water and so off he went and jumped into the water and pulled her out.
Cappel said he wrestled the 200-pound woman out of the vehicle."I took the sweater off and proceeded to go, crunch, splash, splash, spash," Cappel said. "And that is just how it was."
At one point he was losing his footing and was very afraid that both of them would go down.
He finished the interview with reporters by saying that he did not believe he was a hero for saving the woman, he was just doing his job.
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