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Sudbury man spared jail for assisting in suicide

By soome2000     Feb 24, 2007 in Crime
In a suicide pact where one participant died, another was saved from a life of addiction. The judge sentenced the surviving man to 15 months probation after he pleaded guilty to assisting in a suicide in Sudbury, Ontario.
"This tragedy has really changed my life," Ambler told Judge Robert Del Frate.
"I just wish Marcel had had the opportunity that I have had, to change his life. Unfortunately he didn't and I pay for that every day."
Kevin Ambler, now 41, and Marcel Langlois, his lifelong partner, agreed to kill themselves on May 9, 2005. The two swallowed a cornucopia of pills and injected drugs. Ambler survived the attempt because he was bigger and stronger.
"This is one of the rarest set of facts to ever come before this court," Assistant Crown Attorney Susan Bruce said, adding it reveals one of the ugliest aspects of the drug subculture.
Both Ambler and his partner were long time drug addicts. Before May 2005 Ambler had attempted suicide five times.
"There is no question in their poisoned thinking they both wanted to die. The great irony here is that Mr. Ambler did not get what he wanted for himself."
Since the event Ambler has become a "totally rehabilitated individual, his change is genuine," said Ambler's lawyer.
Assisted suicide or homicide?
The lawyer called on the judge to draw the distinction between assisted suicide and a double-suicide pact. In an assisted suicide, one of the people fully expects to live.
Here, "the intent of the parties was identical." They both intended to overdose.
And in the end:
It was Ambler's ability to turn his life around, and the unusual circumstances of the case, that convinced Judge Del Frate not to send him to jail. Instead, Amber, who pleaded guilty to assisting in a suicide, was placed on probation for 15 months.
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