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Woman Running With Flaming Pot Of Grease Ignites House

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 23, 2007 in Lifestyle
It's like my mother always told me: never run inside the house with a flaming pot of grease
A home was destroyed in Orange County by fire after a woman with a ignited
pot of grease outside of her kitchen dropped flames that spread throughout the home.
Fire officials said that 2 women and a toddler were injured by serious burns.
"The fire started small on top of a stove," officials said. "But it quickly spread throughout the home as the woman tried to carry the raging pot of fire outside, dropping flames along the way,"
Anytime there are instances involving hot grease the fire always travels quicky because the grease has a better chance of of heating up and the chances of causing other things to burn much quicker because of being outside it's normal setting.
The three victims who were helped by a neighbor to escape the fire were transported to hospital and are being treated for the burns they received.
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