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Plan the Perfect Murder Assigned as Homework for High School Class

By geozone     Feb 23, 2007 in World
The teacher at a high school in Auckland, New Zealand, wanted to motivate his students to think about people, their actions and their motivations.
So he devised a homework assignment where they were to pretend they were murderers and then describe how they would kill the victim and dispose of the body.
According to the school's principal, the assignment was intended to get students to read the novel Lamb to the Slaughter. The plot of the book centered around a wife's murder of her husband with a frozen leg of lamb. After the murder, the wife disposed of the murder weapon by serving it up as dinner to the investigating policemen.
Said the principal of his teacher's rather unconventional homework assignment: "I can understand how a teacher might do that. Year 10 boys in particular can be hard to motivate or engage so you try and do things a bit interesting or innovative."
The controversial assignment came to the principal's attention when the parents of one of the students complained about it. They were so upset about it, they refused to let their 14-year-old son work on the assignment.
Principal Bill Dimery acknowledges in hindsight that the assignment was in poor judgment. The teacher in question has apologized to the boy and his parents.
It seems all the other students in the class completed the assignment, however.
If I were the parent of a child in this teacher's class, I would also complain about this assignment. I think it was a case of lapse of judgment on the part of this teacher and I wonder if this teacher is a parent himself (or herself).
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