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Google helps find Missing Russian Turtle (Tortoise)

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 23, 2007 in Entertainment
Google search helps a family locate a missing a Russian Turtle.
Google Search department receives many stories from users, how Google has enriched their lives. This is one such story, very good one.
Jim Lyness' son was interested in having a turtle pet, so Jim bought a Russian Tortoise for him and named it as Rocky. One day, they let Rocky go for a stroll inside the house, but neither Jim or his son could locate it, so they searched it everywhere. Since, they don't know the Turtle's behavior, they didn't know where to start searching or how it could have escaped from the house. His wife Susan had a smarter idea, she Googled "How to find a Russian Tortoise" and gave them a great solution.
Russian Tortoises by nature, like warm and dark spaces, so they started first their son's bedroom again. They pulled the bunk bed back ad they found the Rocky at the head of the bed. They were ecstatic. And now they start telling their friends and family about this story, they all laugh.
If you have a story about how Google search has made an impact on you, we'd love to hear it. Tell us here or post a video (be sure to tag it "google testimonial"). You never know when you'll need to search for a lost pet.
It is a good story. I used to help my friend search for her missing dog, but we never thought of doing this way. Were you able to solve any such problems via Google? For me it helped quite a bit, but nothing like this story.
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