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The Ministry of Defence hoped psychics could find enemy

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 23, 2007 in World
British army found to have been hiring psychics to "remotely view" hidden weapons caches in Iraq and find Osama bin Laden. In all fairness, it worked about as well as anything else that has been tried
It has been discovered that The Ministry of Defence have spent £18,000 on experiments to discover if psychic powers really existed and whether they could put it to good military use.
According to the Freedom of Information Act, defence experts turned
to internet in hopes of recruiting 12 psychics who advertised their abilities there. When there was no luck they were forced to use "novice" volunteers.
Envelopes containing pictures and objects were sealed. Subjects were blindfolded and asked if they could "see" the contents of sealed brown
More than a quarter – 28 per cent – of those tested managed a close guess at the contents of the envelopes. It was reported that one person fell asleep while he tried to focus on the envelope's contents.
A former Ministry of Defence employee says that it may very well be that they were looking for hidden weapons caches in Iraq and find Osama bin Laden.
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