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Lunch Lady Suspended After Throwing Out Oranges

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 23, 2007 in World
Lunch lady suspended for throwing out moldy oranges by principal who cited "feeding it to children" as the traditional method of garbage disposal. See article with link to video.
A school lunch-lady was suspended in Philadelphia after tossing out hundreds of oranges that appeared to be contaminated.
The school says that she is just a frustrated employee, she told local media that she was looking out for the best interest of the children.
"I felt as though children shouldn't have to eat any oranges that were contaminated as far as mold, brown spots or maybe even a white orange," said Loretta Allen.
She has been at the school for 7 years now and was very concerned when the shippment of oranges arrived, so concerned that she dumped what ever looked bad.
Later the principal jumped in the dumpster and took out the oranges while allen stood by and watched in amazement.
After removing some of the oranges from the dumpster, saying there was nothing wrong with them - the principal served them to the children.
All School district officials can is that proper protocol in the incident were not followed - adding if the oranges should have been replaced by the supplier if they were bad.
Allen was suspended for three days, is on probation for a year and has been transferred to another school.
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