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article Improves Duplicate Search, Announces Tags, Subscription Features

By Alex Chumak     Feb 22, 2007 in
Finding Duplicates Improved
The biggest improvement in this feature roll-out is the new Ajax search field for users to find duplicates. When you are posting a story, you will now notice a new step before you begin. Keywords are the most important step for indexing articles and finding related stories, so we're putting extreme emphasis on this stage of article creation.
Here's how it works: Begin by entering comma-separated keywords one at at time. If it's a name, you can enter more than one word (example: Anna Nicole Smith) but you should try and always use single words that are the most specific keywords for your story (example: apple,iphone,steve jobs). Don't use words like "news", "bad guy" or "help" because they are very generic. Also, don't simply paste a headline because it won't help you find duplicates and it won't pull your article up if another user is searching for duplicates. Any word that has less than three characters will be deleted.
As you type, you will notice the duplicate search begin to scan the database and return results based on your keywords. You can hit backspace and change up the keywords to get more accurate results in searching for duplicates. When you are satisfied with three keywords and you know your story has not already been posted you can click the button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next step. The keywords you enter will be saved and used to index your article.
Showing Keywords
This doesn't sound like much, but it will be very important for users who get frustrated when others don't enter specific or proper keywords. By showing keywords, every user will be able to see what an article is tagged with and we're hoping you will help out new users by teaching them how to use keywords properly. (Note: If someone posts a comment in your story suggesting you use better keywords, don't get mad -- it's just meant to be feedback to improve the site)
Another great part about showing keywords is they are now clickable "tags" so you can find other related news based on each keyword. Simply click on the tag to see more similar news.
Note: Keywords on articles posted before today could still be long, choppy or irrelevant. Some users have the habit of pasting the headline in the keyword box, so this feature is especially important to fix this problem. Check your posts to ensure the best possible keywords are shown.
Subscribing to Announcements
We roll out new features all the time, but unless you know to check the Announcement Section (a link can be found at the bottom of every page) you might miss the announcement about cool features. We are now allowing users to subscribe to announcements by clicking the box at the top of this page: and you will receive email updates every time new features are launched.
Warning Symbols
If you are about to post a story you won't miss the four huge icons at the first step. Every user should consider these the four rules by which everyone must abide.
(1) Always link to your source
(2) Don't copy and paste from another source - you should only ever need to "quote" a sentence or two, not copy large parts of other articles
(3) Don't post a story you know to be a duplicate and
(4) Don't post spam or advertising.
We have many more features to be launched in the near future and we appreciate your feedback as we work to develop the site to reflect features you find most helpful. Make sure you subscribe to the announcements section so you don't miss what's next...
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