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article imageLiving with autism in a world made for others

By Aaron Robson     Feb 22, 2007 in Health
Take a look at what autism can truly be like, through the eyes of Amanda Baggs. In a video she produced and posted on the Internet, this brilliant young woman shares a glimpse into her world.
When I walk into her apartment, Amanda Baggs makes no eye contact. She doesn't come to the door or raise her hand to greet visitors. In fact, I'm having a hard time discerning whether she even knows I'm there. I say hello and introduce myself, but she remains silent, sitting at her desk, staring out the window, rocking slightly back and forth.
Amanda Baggs is a 26-year-old woman with autism. I've been corresponding with her for weeks via e-mail. I've read her Web site, and from her I've learned a great deal about living with autism.
Autism is a hard thing to live through. But how would we know, we have never been autistic. But some people look at autistic people and feel sorry for them and say how they are not like us, I don't agree with that. I don't know why some people pity them, and people think of them as diffrently as they shouldn't. Exactly, they shouldn't. They are no different from you and me, the only difference is that in life they are set with a harder problem to cope with, a harder challenge. And when they overcome that, it shows strength and a great person.
And thanks to Amanda, we can all see that.Even though she lives through life with Autism, she is stilll able to have a normal day. She is able to communicate, and is able to feel true emotions. I don't think of her as an Autistic person, I think of her as a normal person, because that is what I see.
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