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Al Gore Creates Frenzy At University Of Toronto

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 21, 2007 in Environment
Al Gore comes to Canada and tickets to see him sell out almost immediately.
Al Gore came to the University of Toronto tonight to give a speech about the environmental plan he is launching.
Tickets for the event cost $20 and sold out almost immediately allowing for sites like Craigs List to have people offering to buy a ticket for $500.
The University of Toronto said their website crashed because it got over 23,000 hits on the site looking for tickets. Only 1500 tickets were available and over 20,000 people wanted one.
Gore said "Canada, in the past, has always been known for its leadership,And I think now is a time when some people put a question mark after Canada on this."
He sees Canada playing a key to the environmental solution and is not happy with the Conservatives wanting to stop the Kyoto protocols.
According to The Kyoto Protocol is an amendment to the international treaty on climate change, assigning mandatory targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to signatory nations
Here is a link showing Gore speaking about Canada. He says that his country is doing the worst job than anyone else and he is going to try and get them to change their policy.
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