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Water World of sorts found under Antarctic ice

By bluecharlie     Feb 21, 2007 in Environment
According to News Staff an amazing discovery has been made in the Antarctic.
While glacial lakes have been found before in the Antarctica this find under compressed snow and ice is a water world of sorts.
A series of fast moving lakes and rivers was found by Dr. Helen Fricker of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California.
The rivers transport the majority of the water from the deep interior of the ice sheet out to the ice shelves, and ultimately to the ocean which seems to be a new process that Scipps didn’t know about.
It was noted that Global warming didn’t create this system as it lies more than half a kilometer under the surface therefore it’s not affected by the temperature changes on the surface.
Fricker and her colleagues used data from NASA's ICESat, to detect the sub glacial lakes, which sends laser pulses from space to the Antarctic surface and back.
Dr. Helen Fricker is hoping to take a team to the region to map out their findings, put GPS on the lakes and monitor them daily.
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