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Man Files Suit Against Polygamist Sect to Find Mother

By brooketerra     Feb 21, 2007 in Crime
An 18-year-old man who says he was kicked out of his home and church filed a lawsuit seeking to force a polygamist church leader to help him get back in touch with his family.
According to the article Johnny Jessop, is sueing the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to force Warren Jeffs, head of the church, to disclose the whereabouts of his mother, Elsie.
Jessop was kicked out of the church along with other young men in the past four years due to disobedience or becuse they were seen as compitition for the other older members of the church.
The FLDS (not ot be confused with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- which does NOT practice polygamy) is known to practice plygamy and arranged marriages.
In fact Warren Jeffs is currently in prison for his involvment in arranging the marriage of a 14 year old to her uncle (ew) as well as two counts of rape but is still seen as a prophet to the members of the FLDS.
The sect broke away from the Mormon church more than a century ago and has been disavowed by the Mormons.
Anyway- most polygamist groups live in areas that are fenced off and could be described as compounds so when the young men are thrown out - thats what is really happening. When Johnny attempted to go back home his family under direction of Jeffs refused to take him back.
Johnny was able to maintain a phone relationship with his mother until about two years ago. He belives that jeffs found out and has commanded his mother stop speaking to him. His lawsuit is not asking for any damages only access to his family.
for a little more background on Warren Jeffs:
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