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Victims to Circumstance.

By Amanda Purdie     Feb 21, 2007 in Lifestyle
Merriam-Webster defines Circumstance as an event that constitutes a detail (as of a narrative or course of events) Here; is my Circumstance.
Sometimes, humans are victims of circumstance, we live our lives, avoiding circumstance, because well....circumstance is a bitch. Like one of those bitches you hated in highschool, who snickered, and sneered as you passed. But this isn't about highschool, and it isn't about vengance. This just about, Circumstance. Merriam-Webster defines Circumstance as an event that constitutes a detail (as of a narrative or course of events)
We can't help what happens sometimes, and most times digging ourselves out of circumstance, can lead us to be even bigger victims of circumstance.
A Homeless person...We can say, "Go get a job." all we want, hell we can say it until our face is blue...They just might have a job...but lets face it, Someone gets a job, making 7.25 an hour...they work 6 days a week, for 10 hours each day. (because it is supposedly illegal to work 7 days in a row.) you can't live off of the amount considering in order to rent a place it cost at LEAST 6 hundred bucks, and you have to feed yourself, get trasportation to work, pay bills, etc...
Maybe, people are trying to dig themselves out of something, when you pass by them and pass a judgment. You never know. But this posting isn't about homeless people, or wages, or even apartments. It's about me, as crude, tacky, and repetitive as that sounds...this blog is mine, so it is indeed, about me.
I'm not in school, I wish I was, but I'm not. It isn't my fault either, blame the intelligent souls at the school of my choice, for not doing their job. I tried everything to go...everything. Due to circumstances, I can't, and yes, to some of you, whom happen to be reading this, I may have told you I was in school, and for that I'm sorry. Deeply. I would be in school, if my life had gone according to planned, but life isn't going to ever go according to planned...things come up, obstacles...that must either be dealt with or hurdled like a fucking trackstar :). Don't get me wrong, I hold myself to still be respected, I treat others the way I wish to be treated. I'm mature...I just happen to be in a shitty situation. So again, before you look at me, and consider me a slacker, think of the circumstance, that lead me to be in that position you despise. I'm certainly not asking for pity, I'm asking for patience; Lately I have been finding out who my real friends are, and unfortunatly I've been surprised...but at the same time, I knew it all along.
So no, Don't look at me, like I'm a criminal because at the age of 19, I have made some bad choices, and made some bad is a lesson, and unfortunatly we'll learn it when it's over. Don't look at me, like I'm a failure, because college just isn't available right now. Don't look at me, like I'm a slacker, because money isn't in my pocket right now.
I along with you, your friend, your neighbor, your boss, your child, your enemy, your loved ones, your spouse, your parents, your gaurdians happen to be a victim to circumstance.
So all I ask, is a chance, to show you all, that I am not that twisted image you've conjured up of me. I am infact, the type of person, to prove nay-sayers wrong...and I personally will jump at the chance.
God Bless and Good Luck in this crazy thing we call life.
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