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By Amanda Purdie     Feb 21, 2007 in Lifestyle
We sometimes build a wall to divide ourselves from what we feel may hurt us.
Emotions, are what we need to survive. We show emotion, and some of us, rather not show such a side of such vulnerability, Emotion is a double sided blade, you can be sad, but you have to be sad inorder to know what happiness can be like.
You have to put up with the pain, in order to fall in love with the glory.
Sometimes you have to swallow your pride, just to move on.
Emotion is not what makes us weak, it isn't so vile, emotion is needed to truly be alive.
In order to appreciate true love, you must learn about broken hearts and dissappointments.
Emotion is the key to all forms of art, and personas...we think crying is what makes us weak, when really it's sometimes the one thing thats keeping us from breaking ourselves.
Ladies and Gentlemen if I can give you one bit of advice, I can give you these words: Never break...never lose yourself so much, that you become numb. Love, because Love is sweet. Experience hate, so you know how closed minded some people are, and when you experience hate on your behalf, remember how hurtful it was to know someone or a group of someones disliked YOU for just being YOU...remember how low you felt...and never HATE a single soul for the rest of your life.
Cry...if not for yourself for someone else...because sometimes, people get so low they can no longer cry for themselves.
Laugh, because laughter is contagious, and everyone wants to catch it.
Love, because there is no feeling BETTER than that.
Lust, (lol) because it makes the days go by faster.
Feel embarrassed, it keeps your feet on the matter how cool you THINK you may be, there is always something that could trip you up. So, blush.
Feel. Just. Feel.
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