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article imageVista Helping OS X

By Mark Fleser     Feb 20, 2007 in Technology
So why is Vista so confusing?
How very true, Microsoft should take a note from Apple and simplify their lineup. XP wasn't too bad with two versions and the upgrades for each (it really could have been just one because they aren't really all that different), but 4 versions plus the upgrades for each and the enterprise edition. This, I think, is way too confusing to consumers. For the most part, uneducated consumers going to buy the cheapest thing on the shelf without realizing the differences. Another thing that makes it even worse is the ridiculous system requirements to get Vista to run at a decent speed and get all the eye candy. Earlier today I read that 4 gigabytes of RAM is Vista's "Sweet Spot". And how much RAM do most computers come with? A gigabyte, typically, for a higher end machine and probably 512 for a lower end. Apple's machines fit this description, machines such as the Mini come with 512 but the iMacs and MacBook Pros come with 1 gigabyte, and that's plenty to do pretty much anything, i.e. running most games (not at a speed that a hardcore gamer would consider satisfactory, but decent nevertheless), as well as the whole iLife suite that the Mac comes with and plenty of other pieces of commonly used software.
The software is another thing drawing people to the Mac, people like movies, photos, and music and the Mac makes it easy to organize and create all of those things very quickly, right out of the box. Now, I know that Vista has some new media features, but they're basically clones of Apple software with a Microsoft twist added in.
People are most likely going to need to buy a new Machine anyway so why not get a Mac.
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