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Stern Takes the Stand

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 20, 2007 in Entertainment
Howard Stern took the stands today in court where he is fighting for legal rights to bury Anna.
Stern today testified that he and Anna had been more than just friends and they were intimate from 2000 til her death. But he also said they were not exclusive, that she had other boyfriends because he wanted her to be happy.
He said that he and Larry were not the love of her life but it was her late husband Howard Marshall.
He testified that Anna wanted to be buried next to her son in Nassau. He stated that she picked out the land even though he signed the deed. She had a fear of bugs and picked the land personally because the land was slightly protected from bugs.
Circuit Judge Larry Seidlin also questioned the state of mind that Smith was in when she read the will. One part of the will he took issue with where it states in which Smith "intentionally omitted to provide for...future children."
Seidlin said "You got to say to yourself, did she read this will?" a clearly animated Seidlin asked while Stern was on the stand. "What state of mind was she in when she read this will?
"No woman in America would sign a clause like that," he said.
The chief medical examiner called the judge today to tell him her body is deteriorating much more rapidly than expected. If there is to be a viewing it has to be done by Saturday at the latest.
The judge hopes to be able to rule on the case by Friday.
Stern was also served today with papers telling him he has to submit to DNA testing.
Larry and Anna's mother will take the stand tomorrow. Stern was told to be there since Anna's mother had to be there for his, he will be there for hers.
He knew he could not lie under oath about Anna having other boyfriends. Look how many have come forward.
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