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Woman wins $3 million verdict in case over Prempro link to cancer

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 20, 2007 in Business
An Ohio woman was awarded $3 million against Wyeth, a company that makes a hormone replacement drug that fights menopause.
Jennie Nelson, 67, won her case against Wyeth. She was awarded $3 Million when she claimed a hormone replacement drug made by the company caused her breast cancer. She originally won $1.5 million but that trial was declared a mistrial and in the 2nd trial she won $3 million.
She was on Prempro to help treat menopause and was told she had breast cancer in 2001.
The company is being sued by over 5000 women. Lawyers are claiming the company knew the drug was linked to breast cance and did nothing to warn the public using the drug.
Two other cases have been won against the company but they also have won two cases and the drug remains in circulation and continues to be prescribed by doctors.
Wyeth continues to deny the drug is linked to causing breast cancer.
I think a lot of hormone drugs are linked to breast cancer. It is scary having to take them and knowing the risk involved.
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