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article imageShould we blame the Media or Masses?

By snugglebear     Feb 20, 2007 in Lifestyle
According to new research from the Vanier Institute for the Family, kids are getting into trouble lately because there are more problem children today than 50 years ago. What's to blame - a larger population or the environment that kids are exposed to?
It seems this article almost contradicts itself - more kids are troubled or causing problems because there are more of them to do so, but they're getting into trouble because of our "global environment which favours all of this". So is this rise in rebellion really because the population has increased greatly from the 1960's, where juvenile delinquency rates were nothing like today, or is there more JUNK out there which is influencing the decisions and attitudes kids today make and take.
I honestly believe that if there was NO exposure to media of any form, kids in the 1960's would've been just as troublesome as kids are today, regardless of the number of kids in the equation. Naturally it's going to seem like there is more trouble today when there is a larger population of kids...2/10 = 4/20 = 8/40... It's not difficult to do the math. It's like sex - it seems that teen sex, and/or teen pregnancy is on the rise, but really, is it?
Marilyn Monroe is the most famous sex kitten of the last century. But she's not considered shocking, even in her nude shots...put Christina Aguilera up there today, who hasn't even done fully nude shots, but because there are a million more sources of media to put those shots on, there'd be chaos everywhere. Sexual acts go back thousands of years - they're nothing new. But thousands of years ago it wasn't blatantly splashed across the covers of magazines, websites, tv, videos, music etc. Young women and teenagers still got pregnant, STD’s existed, lewd sexual acts were performed – we just didn’t hear about the all the time. The only difference for Marilyn is the amount of media exposure she received in the 60's compared to what she would've received had she been a gorgeous 30 year old today. The more exposure to sex, violence, and drugs these kids see, the more their young minds assume it's acceptable.
So it's the same for these troubled kids in my opinion. They are exposed to so much violence, sex, drugs - you name it - due to their social and global environments that the only natural conclusion is that if they're gonna watch it, they're gonna learn it. It's at that point though that another question comes into play, and which is brought up in the article - What are the parents, peers, teachers etc of these kids doing to help them NOT go down the wrong path?
Sadly, perhaps, this is the main reason overall why teens today are getting into more trouble: The people they admire most, who they look to for guidance and friendship, are too busy with their own lives to pay attention to the world the children of our future are being exposed to. And by the time they notice, another child has been added to the statistics.
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