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Grifting in America

By Joe Christian     Feb 20, 2007 in World
What is Grifting? Who Does It? And How?
The Man with the ‘NIrV Bible for Children’ Meets Up with Dangerous Grifters!
I know a story about loving, Bible literate Churchman, who was invited to take students from a community in a hilly country village area an hours drive from a major city, and to teach them what they needed to know about the Bible and Church Tradition to be Confirmed. And he went and purchased special children's Bibles for those children. But when the parents found there children reading those Bibles they knew that their children would too easily learn how to be real Christians and would not grow up into the family business of crime, murder and grifting! So they took those easy to read and comprehend children's Bibles away from those children and told the teacher that those Crayon-coloured-like-covered Bibles were like rainbows, and "Rainbows are Gay and would only make their children Gay!", and though the children were only boys, years from even being teens, their father went and purchased porn magazines for the children and taught them about lust, sex and vice, and ruined them for the sake of their own family business, to instill in those children corrupt values that wanted only for evil and iniquity and criminal activities! Conforming to their large 'family' of related by grifting and by regular family bonds, and as cunning criminal parasites preying on society around them, and from state-to-state, taking many 'family' road trips that look all innocent and normal to outsiders and to the authorities, as well as smuggling goods and drugs as 'bus pirates' through the cross state and cross country bus-lines and avoiding being searched even as airlines did some persons before being allowed to board their planes -- even before Nine-Eleven!
Afterwards and after the protests of the teacher of godliness... angry for the way they took away the children's Bibles and then for exposing the children to porno! The Churchman of whom they had actually invited to come and to teach the children for their Confirmation, but all so sinisterly and with other things in their minds when they met the man and had only lied to him as grifters with evil plans for their rich source of many victims always do by concealing the true motives of their murderously darkened hearts for greedy gain; they then lowered vengeance on him short of their original plans, even sacrificing their original intend to make financial gain by his life, decided to finish the trouble-maker off quickly enough and to make it so that he would never to be seen again!
There are actual people who raise their own children up into the family grifting business of murder, vice and greed, and they can often times even be church believing people, who think that God understands the horrible and cruel things that they do, because He knows how mistreated they are and how that they have been forced to rob and murder the 'bad people' (anyone with anything that the grifters want, money, goods, property, credit cards, ID's, are really the 'bad people' to the thinking of grifters and like-minded criminals), and because they are tired, in their minds of being mistreated, their victims deserve to be robbed and killed and even to have their very Identities taken over by these criminal grifters! And many of these people think they are good Christians, possibly even doing God's business by raping 'evil' society and supposedly with God's full blessings and understanding! Some grifter families of gypsy-like clans are Protestant, while others are ‘good’ Catholics, and don’t you know? Jesus loves them all and understands what they do and how they live?! Nor does He mind in their thinking all the slaves they have in drug induced, zombie-like states working for them or being used as sex-slaves… until they don’t want them or to feed them anymore, whether it be food or the illicit drugs to keep them going?! And when someone no longer looks good enough to be sold out as prostitutes any longer, they and their used up, drug ravaged bodies are never seen again either! But anyone is expendable at any time for the sake of this kind of ‘family’! And even prison sentences to not separate these kinds of families, because the prison system is just another place of doing business for them and on both sides of the walls and fences while they are incarcerated! They are all so well connected across the states and across the boarders, that there really is never any big difference whether they are here or there, even whether they are buying, selling and trading in America, Canada or Mexico!
So if strangers offer to have you visit them or they offer to move in with you to be a help to you, beware! They may seem kind, Christian and genuine! But look out! They could just be another group of greedy, murderous, almost gypsy-like grifters thinking they are doing a service to God by robbing, murdering and neatly disappearing all your remains!
Now wasn’t that an interesting ‘fictional’ tale to read today, and possibly with no facts about anything real in it at all? It was probably all made up when it was told to me aye?
But nothing like this could ever happen in America! It would be sad if it did, and how would you know? But thank God nothing like this ever really happens in America aye?
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