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By Lenny Stoute     Feb 20, 2007 in Entertainment
Daddies, daddies everywhere. What's a newborn girl to do?
In 2002, Elizabeth Hurley gave birth to Damian Charles Hurley and named tight squeeze and El Lay multimillionaires playboy Stephen Bing as daddy.
To the surprise of Hollywood and Hurley's horror, Bing pulled a vintage Michael Jackson and went all; the kid is not my son.
Four months later Bing was finally swabbed up and the DNA results revealed that yes indeedy, he was the reluctant babydaddy.
Five years later, Anna Nicole Smith gives birth to a baby, expires shortly thereafter and suddenly babydaddies are coming out the woodwork like termites in spring.
Last time we looked, there were four guys ready to drop jeans and dole out the DNA.
At worst this is a sign of Men Behaving Well and is sending a positive message to all those Hollywood baby daddies who think it's all cool to go off strolling on the mommas.
On the other hand, a more cynical person might point out the very different baby/daddy dynamics of the two cases.
In the first, daddy was real scared babymomma was going to come after his stash.
In the second, whichever daddy's holding the baby has a heavy stake in the $400 million awarded Anna Nicole and whose dispensation is still to be determined.
This indeterminate state brings us up against another creepy celeb trend; lying about in state and remaining unburied for a really long time.
It's like it's all gone Mao Tse Tung.
This is how it is with the recently embalmed Anne Nicole, while the various players figure out where she's to be buried. It appears the dear lady left ironclad instructions that whenever and where she died, burial was to be beside beloved son Daniel in the Bahamas.
Turns out she's just another voice from the past in all this and the tug of war wages on.
James Brown would understand.
The Godfather of Soul lies in a golden coffin in his estate in an island off the Carolinas as various assorted children, concerned relatives and the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce strive to plant the Sex Machine in their preferred plot.
It's in the nature of tales of the undead that they never go away. Keep in touch.
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