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article imageGran Designs - Day Five: Gran Turismo HD

By Aaron Robson     Feb 20, 2007 in Technology
Well, this was an unexpected surprise. Sony generously decided to hand out a completely free, ten-car and one track teaser demo of Gran Turismo HD to any PS3 owners who wants it. Granted, this isn't GT 5 - it's just an enhanced version of GT 4
Your prize for waiting for 650MB to download is a clearly beautiful race game that, and we’re not exaggerating, looks streets ahead of anything else available. The cars are fantastic models and they look incredibly sharp. There are no jagged edges here, nor are the crowds that watch you race flat. The spectators are rounded individuals, all 3D and huddled together in groups, pacing around, waving and setting off their camera flashes when you approach - they look stunning.
I think that over the years of being in top, Gran Turismo has probably claimed the title for the most well known and recognisable racing game for any playstation console ever to come out (except for PSP, but we won't have to wait for long). And seeing this game, I have to think to myself, will they do it this time as well?
When I first heard about a new gran turisom game coming out, I thought to myself,
"Alright, I knew it was coming, this one better be good for it's sake." And looking at it now, I have to say yes, this one is good. Although I am just the bit dissapointed to find out that it will just be a remastered version of part 4 for the PS3, I begin to think that maybe that isn't so bd, just throw in an extra track or two, a few new models of cars, it won't be so bad. Aslong as they don't start turning into ridge racer, they will do fine.
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