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Racism Rampant Amongst Canada's Correctional System

By Posthappy     Feb 20, 2007 in Business
Yes it's true; Canada's Correctional system is guilty of racism, thus not providing a safe workplace environment for their officers.
In fact they have several officers who are getting paid to stay home.
That’s right, the tension is so rampant through the facilities that officers are being paid to stay home. Not paid to work from home, but paid to stay home.
"Michael McKinnon, an aboriginal guard who works at Toronto's Metro East Detention Centre, first filed a complaint in November 1988 that co-workers were harassing and taunting him with racial slurs." McKinnon's wife who also works with him, is among twenty others at the Toronto East Detention Centre with complaints of racism and all twenty have been off work for varying lengths of time.
OPSUE president, Leah Casselman was demanding that the government step in and finally clean up the mess that the correctional system has yet to do; despite the fact that the courts ordered this clean-up on three different occasions when McKinnon took them to court. He won all three times.
McKinnon is quoted as saying "…he is angry that despite rulings in his favour over the years, the racism still persists. It's the larger picture. It's not just Mike McKinnon. It's impacted my wife, my family. It's impacted other people at other facilities, people from different cultures. I see how they're treated. It's absolutely disgusting."
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