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6 sleep mistakes mom's make

By Aaron Robson     Feb 19, 2007 in Health
You are how you sleep. It's the one-third of your life that most affects the two others. Of course, when your kids are young and you need lots of energy to get through the day, getting a good night's rest can be challenging.
f you're not sleeping well, you're not alone:
• Two-thirds of women report symptoms of insomnia at least a few nights a week.
• The average woman over age 30 sleeps only six hours and 41 minutes a night. No doubt, moms of babies or toddlers are lucky to get that much!
Here is a list related to children and sleep, if you see any of these things on here that you do, see the full story link to see how you can change that.
Mistake: Trying to get everything done after the kids go to bed
Staying in your child's room until he falls asleep
Sleeping late on the weekends when your husband can watch the kids
Not exercising at all or exercising too close to bedtime
Napping when your baby naps
Ignoring your health issues
I have checked through some of these things on the list for the benefit of the mothers on DJ (how can you woman manage kids, a household, and still have time to add to DJ? That amazes me.), and some of these things make a bit of sense, when others don't. Maybe because I have never given birth before and it's impossible for me to do so, I dunno, but I figured that the mothers would figure out which ones are good and which are not.
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