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article imageGames you can't play in front of your girlfriend

By Aaron Robson     Feb 19, 2007 in Technology
well, that is if you...actually have one, if not, play away.
Real men play sports, drink beer, and know a thing or two about fixing cars. They don't know the difference between the starship Enterprise and Starship Troopers, and they don't fool around or play any games - at least, not ones like these.
We're talking about the sorts of games that can be landmines of embarrassment waiting to explode, ruining your image as a somewhat normal guy. Or worse yet, the ones that are so appealing to the opposite sex that you may never get your hands on your controller again. Read on as we reveal some of the most shameful - and shameless - moments in gaming that your girlfriend must never witness if you want your relationship to live long and prosper.
Here are the list of games (the reasons on why not to are listed under full story):
Any Pokemon game
The Sims
Tokimeki Memorial - Forever with You
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
I think that this list has some sort of valid point, except some of the games are stupid to be on that list. Like Pokemon, I would play that any day, I loved Pokemon when I was a kid. As well as the Sims, Who doesn't love the Sims, you can make them do anything you want. I am not so sure about Manhunt, maybe that would be a little to disgusting for them, but I agree with Tokimeki Memorial - Forever with You and the Dead or Alive volleyball. The tokimeki memorial games seems like one of those games for little girls, and if you played dead or alive beach volleyball infront of your girlfriend, you can expect a smack up against the back side of your head within five seconds of her seeing it.
So take this list into some consideration, and good luck with you and your girlfriend. If you are a girl though, I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't matter if you played any of these games, and I'm pretty sure that your boyfriend would want you to play Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball.
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