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Would you like a foot rub with that filling?

By Aaron Robson     Feb 19, 2007 in Health
When you think of relaxation, chances are dental drills and Novocain needles don't come to mind.
So it seems odd to see "dental spa" written across the clear glass doors of a dentist's office in the tony Water Tower building, and to hear soothing classical music as you lie on a cushy massaging reclining chair while the hygienist readies her tooth scraper.
It may seem odd, but it's getting more and more common. Spa dentistry is a growing niche carved out by tooth doctors trying to take the bite out of going to the dentist.
At the Mitchell Dental Spa in Chicago, Illinois, patients are offered a flat-screen TVs to watch while the dentist is drilling, not to mention 10-minute spa treatments, including cooling eye masks and back massages by an on-staff massage therapist -- all free with usual dental care.
Suddenly I want to go to the dentist. I feel like I could use one of these treatments, it would make my trip to the dentist a whole lot pleasurable then it already is.
I think that there are both upsides and downsides to this new treatment that is catching fast by dentists everywhere. First I will discuss the goo parts about it. If you are in pain, the tv's and such will take your mind off of it, it will help you relax, and you will feel a lot more comfortable going to the dentist, meaning that people who happen to be afraid of dental procedures will start going regularly. So when you think about it, it sounds pretty good, right? Well, it could also sound bad.
Some of the down sides are that you might get to distracted and not hear an instruction given to you, the dentist might not pay as much attention if there is a tv in the room, and lately you won't know what the hell the dentist is doing to you.
So, spa dentist, or regular dentist? Until the start bringing in xbox 360s, I'm sticking with the regular dentist.
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