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Pampered Princesses

By Viga Boland     Feb 19, 2007 in Lifestyle comes another story that makes me want to puke: whatever happened to letting little girls be little girls?
So you decide to treat yourself to a day at the spa, some time-out to indulge yourself with some relaxation and special treatment. You lie on a massage table, listening to soothing music and turn your head to the other side where you spot the gal on the next table.
The gal is a youngster, perhaps not yet 10, and she's getting the same royal treatment as you are! Not only that, she's having a manicure and a pedicure as well. And even though she's not yet old enough to have blackheads or pimples, she's also having a masque to unclog her unclogged pores.
"How do you feel" the esthetician asks her. "Ummm ... good" replies the sleepy youngster.
Now what the heck is this all about? Well it seems that those moms who can afford this luxury for themselves are taking along their young daughters, perhaps as part of bonding and sharing similar experiences together. Or maybe the real reason is mother is so busy that she hasn't time to set apart other time for her daughter so she takes her along so they can at least be together while mom gets her legs and bikini line waxed. Wonder if they do that for the little girls too?
Samantha White, 28, an assistant at a business consulting firm in Manhattan, said she has noticed more little girls coming in with their mothers to her nail salon, picking out a colour and sitting back for the pampering.
"My roommate has a niece who is seven, and she was telling me that every Saturday at 9 a.m. they get manicures," White said. "She had a design on her index finger."
How cute is that? NOT! At least not in my books. Another mom, a nurse, says her little one was 3 when she first took her along. Ok...I can see the reason for that if she had no-one to babysit the little one. But that same mom says
"We're all so busy. Here you're out of the house so you really can focus on each other. You're spending time together."
Okay...maybe I'm stupid but this is how we can really focus on each other? How on earth did I bond with my girls, with whom I now have a great relationship I might add, while I worked every day of my adult life except for the first few months after they were born? It certainly wasn't by taking them to spas (which I couldn't afford then or now!)
According to the article, kids today are more mature and enjoy indulging in grown-up activities. No kidding eh? We only have to look at what they're wearing, (they have bras for children with no boobs yet and high heels for 3 year-olds) how they spend their time, the fact that so many have visited porn sites on the net, etc etc. to know how much they enjoy grown-up activities.
Maybe I'm just getting old or I'm old-fashioned but gee I think it's a shame that children are no longer children. Remember that lovely movie "The never-ending story"? Kids grow out of childhood and its innocence soon enough and on their own. Why are we pushing them to grow up even faster?
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