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article imageNow to build a PC for under £200 ($350)

By Steve in the UK     Feb 19, 2007 in Technology
If like me you want/need a new PC but just want it for surfing the net or to use as a media center then this 11 page article is a must read for you.
Not all of us need the high speed graphic and fast processors that are needed for most of the best computer games out there today. When you surfer the net you don't really use that much of the processor speed that high end machines have, even when you are watch videos online.
This 11 page article, so get comfy, goes though the process of pick out all the components need, one at a time, to build a PC from scratch with new parts, for under £200 ($350), excluding the display and software.
I used to work in IT and spec'd compentent for video editing suites so heve really had to look at the low end range before, and that's low as in price, not spec, these PC will still keep ahead of 99% of PC user's.
I have already started hunting down compentent to rebuild an empty PC case that I currently use as a door stop.
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