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How Do We Manage Our World?

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 19, 2007 in Lifestyle
Where is our World Going? Have We Missed the Mark?
A generation ago, people were discussing the state of the economy, politics, and corruption in government. Those conversations used to end with a sense of resignation, “the change in our world will not happen in our generation but in our children’s generation.”
The people who were having those conversations, their children are now grown and married and are now raising their own families. They are always having a sense of déjà vu when in one of their family gatherings they hear their kids saying the same things that they used to talk about.
The only thing that is different, this time, there is not much hope-“the change in our world will neither happen in our lifetime nor in our children’s lifetime.” they say. They have a great deal of frustration not being able to help the situations that bombard our societies here on Earth.
It seems our world is on a downward spiral! We live in a time described by many as “societal regression.” This is characterized by chaos, irresponsibility, and breakdown of institutions and an utter lack of the guiding principles and values that guided the older generation. The regressive and chaotic forces create anxiety and stress in individuals and families, resulting in poorer decision-making and more irresponsible behavior, leading to more problems, in an escalating scale.
The evidence is all around us, with one click of your mouse you can see it - In marriage relationships, the increasing separation statistics. In our schools and the workplace, the high incidence of truancy, pre-marital sex, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse. In the streets, muggings, robbery, assault and kidnappings. kids all around the globe are raped, exploited and killed, millions around the world are being locked up without cause, not to mention corruption and scandals in high places in both the government and private sector. Our World is, in every sense of the word “sick” and we need to be nursed back to wellness!
There have been well-intentioned prescriptions from the experts and they are not without merit. The academicians contend that we should make the pursuit of knowledge our main goal. The environmentalists profess that we should concentrate on the environment. The politicians believe that we should change the system and the people running the governments. The economists aver that it is a matter of free trade and market economics. The social scientists posit that if we do good to others, the world will become a better place. Finally, religion tells us that it is a matter of faith. Honest, sincere efforts have been done in all these areas and indeed we have made some progress. Yet it seems we still miss the mark.
What Do you think?
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