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article imageGoogle's Larry Page urges Scientists to Market themselves

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 19, 2007 in Business
Larry Page advises Scientists to be better marketers to spread their technologies
Google co-founder Larry Page has a theory: your DNA is about 600 megabytes compressed, making it smaller than any modern operating system like Linux or Windows.
The programming language of humans, if you will, would include the workings of your brain, said Page, who offered his hypothesis Friday night during a plenary lecture here at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science conference. His guess, he said, was that the brain's algorithms weren't all that complicated and could be approximated, eventually, with a lot of computational power.
Larry Page, Google Co-Founder said in a lecture at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Conference, that human DNA is only 600 Megabytes in a compressed state and that it can be mimicked by computers. He says at Google, they are working on building such a system with artificial intelligence. And claims such a system is not to far off.
Page gave the example of Steven Chu, professor of physics and Noble Prize winner. Chu was a failed grad student who decided to "get good at building lasers" and then he later won the Noble Prize for his work with the technology. "When you have basic technology you find interesting things to do with them, and if you're lucky they'll turn into something big," he said.
With this example he advised the scientists to market the technologies better and make it readily available to the world, and this way they can solve problems such as energy consumption, poverty and global warming.
He said all the economic growth can be attributed to the technological changes. He also said, that Science has a marketing problem. There may be the best products one creates in the lab, but without marketing it becomes a failure if no one knows about it. The Scientists should expend part of their research budget in marketing and spread the word. Blogs and Networking can help also.
I work in research, I agree to that, there are numerous product that can do wonders, but they are unable to penetrate the market because of marketing problems and also connections to big companies who ignore it most of the time.
Also, he requested the Scientists to make their research work available in digital media so others can reference it and create advanced products.
Page said he hopes Internet video, like Youtube and Google Video, will evolve to include scientific lectures. Already MIT, Stanford are doing that, some of the courses are also available online because of too many students enrolling in the class.
I agree to him. Do you think human DNA or brain can be ever mimicked by the computers as Larry Page claims?
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