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article imageLabeling problem on Digital Journal

By Aaron Robson     Feb 18, 2007 in Business
People have to pay more attention when labeling.
Ever since I started up on Digital Journal about a month ago, I always have had this problem with labeling. Not myself labeling key words on an article I write up, but other people not labeling their articles properly, so I (and I'm sure others) get flagged with duplicating news.
I normally would not have said anything, but it has gotten to the point where you have to either hit or miss on whether your article is a duplicate or not. Most of the time it ends up being one.
It is annoying, to spend a good solid ten minutes or so, to write up on something, then to have some one flag it as a duplicate, so then you have to deactivate your hard earned work. See, I wouldn't even be surprised to find that this article of my frustration has been shared before, and this is a duplicate as well.
So taking all of this into consideration, I think that people need to start paying attention to inputting their key words in while writing an article. First off, you should never copy and Past the title, because the odds are that someone else will go to another website, and that same topic will have a different title. So then your article won't show up in the duplicate search engine thing. another thing is, that you should input words that actually have something to do with the subject, that way someone knows what the topic is when the title shows up. Also make sure you put a good amount of words in, because if you have just one or two, the odds of the article showing up decrease.
So take this article into consideration the next time you write an article and are inputting key words, cause I'm sure that I'm not the only one to write duplicates because someone didn't label their article properly with key words.
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