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article image26 employees in trouble for e-mails

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 18, 2007 in Business
26 Pierce County employees disciplined after a 3 month investigation showed misuse of the county's email system.
The 26 employees ( 11 correction officers and 15 maintence workers) passed crude jokes, personal photos such as vacation photos and downloaded videos over the county's email system at their work.
There was no pornographic pictures found. Over this investigation, 4 workers resigned and one retired.
Supervisors were given stronger punishments because they should have known better. It is against the rules to use the work email system for this type of stuff.
The strongest punishment was given to Correction officer Mike Larsen. He received 10 days suspension without pay with 5 of those days being deferred.
Some still have not recieved punishment as it is still being looked at. They could get up to 30 days suspension or could lose their jobs.
All the employees involved were good workers with no past wrong doings and all have taken responsibility for their actions.
Now my question is, is this punishment to harsh since nothing pornographic was found? Was all jokes and personal pictures. Should employees at work be allowed to use work emails and work time for personal stuff?
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