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Childrens Book Banned For One Word

By timmack     Feb 18, 2007 in Lifestyle
The word scrotum was used once in a childrens book and that caused the librarians to ban the book.
It's so sad that one of the countries most renowned children's book author would do something so irresponsible and put an obvious red flag word such as scrotum in her children's book. An otherwise good book in every other way will be denied to the children.
I can't understand what some people get out of trying to see how far they can go with censors. I of course don't beleive in censorship for grown up books, but, yes, children need the protection of censorship till they become old enough to make decisions for themselve's.
Its just very unfortunate that the reading pleasure of the children were not thought about my the author of the book.
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