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article imageGRAW 2 Video Developer Diary

By Aaron Robson     Feb 18, 2007 in Technology
One HD camera for each side of the border in Ghost Recon advance Warfighter 2.
When the hard-workin' developers at Ubisoft Paris work on a game, they work on a game, if you know what we're sayin'. They have done almost everything in their power to make sure that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is as realistic as can be, short of traveling seven years into the future to capture firsthand combat footage from the intense international conflict between the U.S. and Mexico that will inevitably transpire. There's no reason for you not to believe us, but for all you skeptics in the crowd, we've got proof.
Video proof! In this installment of Ubi's Video Developer Diary, you'll be treated to all sorts of good info about the upcoming GRAW 2. After discussing general plot points, the developers go into detail about how they constructed the environments around the U.S./Mexican border. Teaser: it involves a road trip, lots of tacos (presumably), and two HD cameras. Nice. There's talk of rural and urban environments, roof-to-roof combat, and some POV shots of tank and helicopter missions.
One noteworthy tidbit is that GRAW 2 is going to be a continuous story experience, not a series of chopped-up, disconnected missions like previous Ghost Recon games. We're all for anything that offers a more immersive gameplay experience, and this sounds like it might do the trick. For all this and more, hit the Movies tab above, launch the video player, and select "GRAW 2 - developer diary three 02-15-07
I wasn't so big on the first Ghost Recon advance Warfighter game, and just couldn't see why everyone was considering it to be one of the best games of the year. I dunno, I happened to like the second Ghost Recon better than this one, and still stand by my opinion.
I think one of the reasons on why I didn't like it, was that it held this sort of futuristic/gadgety look to it, and I just couldn't get into it.Even though I have the game, thank god I didn't pay for it and it came with my 360.
But I do have to admit, that the new advance warfighter, does seem to be a big improvement compared to the other game. I might than just consider playing it. There is one thing I do hope they do, and that is get rid of the metalic voices of your teammates and make them sound real and normal. I don't understand why, but every time a teammate spoke after you gave a command, it sound like they were talking through a blender.
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