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Wide-open wireless networks are a security risk

By Fortunesfool     Feb 18, 2007 in Technology
You may think that your friendly neighbourhood wireless network is safe and sound but you would be wrong....
Few people who operate these networks ever bother to change the default user name and password needed to take control of the network. Default settings cause more problems than just leaving the network wide-open to attack and seizure.
Researchers at Symantec Corp. have devised a series of "proof-of-concept" exploits that show how an Internet user running any one of several name-brand, $50 - $100 routers under the default factory settings could be in a world of trouble in a very short time, just by browsing to a malicious Web site.
One of the easiest ways to commandeer a factory-set wireless router remotely is through the use of Javascript. For example, a nasty site could use Javascript to change the default settings on a router so that anytime the victim tries to visit a bank Web site he or she is silently redirected to a counterfeit site set up to steal online banking credentials (this is a type of phishing attack known as "pharming.") The researchers managed to create a mock-up doing exactly that.
The only solutions is to change the defaults and consider using a 'nonscript' add-on.
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