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Does your astrological sign determine your health issues?

By soome2000     Feb 17, 2007 in Health
"The study, which used data from 10 million Ontario residents in 2000, was conducted with tongue firmly in cheek, a press release said." Results Show How Studies Can Be Misinterpreted
"Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council grantee Peter Austin and three other researchers at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto completed the survey of hospital visits in Ontario. Their research shows that each of the 12 astrological signs had at least two medical disorders associated with them, thus placing people born under a given sign at increased risk compared to those born under different signs. "
"Virgos have an increased risk of vomiting during pregnancy, Pisces have an increased risk of heart failure, and Libras have an increased risk of fracturing their pelvises. Austin said he found that even though each astrological sign had its own unique disorders, his initial results were not reproduced when they were explicitly tested in a second population.
"Scientists take pains to make sure their clinical studies are conducted accurately," said Austin. "But sometimes erroneous conclusions will be obtained solely due to chance."
Statistical chance means that 5 percent of the time, scientists will incorrectly conclude that an association exists, when in reality no such association exists in the population that the scientists are studying.
The article didn't give the data for the other signs, but I guess you can't believe all the studies, reports and statistics; only about five percent.
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