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Middle Eastern bloggers risk jail to be heard

By soome2000     Feb 17, 2007 in World
"Wael Abbas hasn't been arrested by Egyptian police, but the blogger fears it could happen any day"
In most countries blogging is just a great passtime. Opinions, feelings and news, good or bad, can be posted. People may or may not read them, but they are there for all the world to see.
If you are a blogger in Egypt you may be considered a threat to the tight government controls on information and could be arrested and jailed.
Imagine, writing a blog that criticizes the President of the United States, the of Prime Minister of Canada or the Queen of England and their policies and then having the police jail you for your comments, feelings or ideas. (Don't worry though it'll pobably be like that soon.) We don't worry that much about it, we are free to speak our ideas, no matter how wierd they might be.
"Egyptian authorities arrested a string of prominent bloggers last year, including one who remains jailed and is on trial for allegedly defaming Islam by posting criticism of Islamic institutions on his Arabic-language blog.
"I might be next," Abbas said at a Cairo coffee shop. He said his family has received anonymous phone calls asking about him, which he suspects come from state security.
I think there is a campaign against the bloggers here," he said. "We are exposing what all Egyptians know but weren't talking about"
I can't even imagine having my blog blocked because of my opinions or thoughts, can you?
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