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Pinky the Pimp gets Arrested by Police - Ladies from Human-Trafficking Rescued!

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 17, 2007 in Crime
According to Police - They have arrested a female Pimp nicknamed Pinky, She would make more then a Million a Year from Korean women who entered Canada as tourists and became hookers.
She had a a steady stream of male customers who followed her business as it moved from house to house in the Vancouver and surrounding area's.
Police said at a press conference "This operation Pinky operated is estimated to generate between $1 and $1.3 million in tax-free dollars each year,"
Despite the magnitude of those alleged profits of crime, Pinky even filed for a GST Rebate. On the news of her arrest you can bet Revenue Canada is also interested in her file and her income,"
Zhe Nai Xu AKA Pinky has been charged with four counts of transporting a person to a common bawdy house, two counts of keeping a common bawdy house and one count of living off the avails of prostitution.
The Crown says restraining orders have been placed on properties owned by Xu, effectively blocking the sale of the assets until a possible conviction and court order to forfeit the property to the federal government under proceeds of crime legislation.
She had the amazing set up, it took a heavilyarmed and armoured Emergency Response Team that had to be deployed to the suspected bawdy house while an RCMP helicopter hovered overhead. In total, about 70 police officers made their way through the heavily fortified house that had bars on the windows and steel-reinforced doors.
7 women aged 20 to 30 were found in the house bawdy house. In the investigation stages befor ethe raid Police estimated over 150 johns a month allegedly came through the house. At one point Investigators observed 20 men in one two-hour period.
The women say that they were picked up at the Airport and driven directly to Pinky's House where they began turning tricks almost immediately.
An agency spokeswoman with the Canada Border Services Agency has confirmed that all the women are being detained by officials and issued exclusion orders because they were working without authorization.
As for Pinky, you can bet more charges are on their way. I'm sure Citizenship and Immigration Canada will investigate potential violations of Canada's human-trafficking law.
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