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the United States has deployed stealth fighters in Japan

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 17, 2007 in World
"Residents here live with multiple fears and worries," Tanaka said. "Our patience has already reached a limit. We cannot tolerate more than that." a statement from a town in Japan where U.S will be stationed.
Assembly member Koei Tanaka, who heads the town's committee on base issues, accused US forces of causing crime and noise.
Okinawa, has frequently seen tension with US troops, particularly in 1995 after three US Marines gang-raped a 12-year-old girl.
But the United States will go ahead In a show of strength, days after North Korea signed a deal on its nuclear programme, the United States has flown its latest stealth fighter jets to Japan for their first overseas deployment.
Two F-22A Raptors, that evaded radar detection at supersonic speeds, touched down on a island, strategically located near the Korean peninsula.
Ten more will arrive at the US Kadena air force base on Sunday, where drills are expected to be happening in Japan and South Korea.
"This F-22 deployment is the latest example of the flexibility that US forces have to meet our ongoing commitments and security obligations throughout the Pacific region," an Air Force statement said.
The first overseas deployment "underscores the US commitment to the US-Japan security alliance," the statement continued to say.
North Korea mean while had lashed out at the deployment, linking it to the nuclear talks.
In late January, the North's official Korean Central News Agency criticised the action and called the separate US deployment of F-117 Nighthawk Stealth fighters in South Korea "a dangerous military move" going against "peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue."
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