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Medical Workers Need Handwashing Lessons

By Artemis     Feb 16, 2007 in Health
Already pinching pennies, it seems that Vancouver Island Health Authority has decided that there is a big reason to spend $130 000 to educate medical workers on proper handwashing.
“For the next two months, seven educators will teach refresher courses in Vancouver Island hospitals and community-care facilities, making sure that staff know how to effectively use soap and sanitizing gels to kill germs.”
I am unsure just how this could become an issue and I am torn between the two ludicrous statements. First that the Health Authority feels there needs to spend $130 000 that they don’t have and believe it is a “very good expenditure of funds”, or the fact that our medical workers actually require educational training on hand washing.
The thought that Canada has certified medical professionals, currently working in our hospitals, who actually lack the proper training and skills to wash their hands, has me baffled. What ever happened to the truth and logic associated with Robert Fulgham’s quote “All I Ever Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”
“Marketplace found that one in nine hospital patients gets infections from germs they pick up during their care, and about 8,000 Canadians die of hospital infections every year. The program aired secretly shot video of a Vancouver doctor touching a table in a contagious person's room and not washing his hands after, and a nurse who changed the bandages on an open wound and did not wash her hands.”
I can only imagine the impression people will have of us, from all across the globe. With the 2010 Olympics just around the corner, we can only hope that hand washing is no longer an issue. I am sure it will take that long for the Health Authority to come up the $130 000. Normally in one these proud moments, I would just bang my head against the wall in disbelief, but now I am honestly afraid to get hurt.
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