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Sex at work brings prison time for former cop?

By Critical_Conformity     Feb 16, 2007 in Crime
Or is Special Treatment going to be awarded because he was a Cop?
A former police sergeant was sentenced to three years in state prison for official misconduct after he had sex with a public employee while on duty.
He was convicted but he will remain free on bail pending appeal of his conviction.
David LaConti, 45 was exonerated on charges of sexual assault and criminal sexual contact. He was found to be guilty of having sex with the lady while at work and that's, a dereliction of duty, and so he was convicted on second-degree official misconduct -- which carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.
LaConti's wife, seated in the audience, sobbed and shouted out: "But he has two children!"
LaConti always maintained throughout the case that he did not have sex with the woman. He also did not address the court when given the chance before sentencing.
The woman involved in the case testified last summer that they had a consensual sexual relationship in 1989 and 1990. She then married and moved out of state. She returned in 2002 and got her old job back. At that point, she said, LaConti forced sex upon her against her will.
While the appeal is pending, attorneys were urged to negotiate a compromise that would spare LaConti prison time and spare the state the risk of having to retry the case should the conviction be overturned on appeal.
Can you believe it? it's reported that on the eve of trial LaConti rejected the state's offer of the Pretrial Intervention program, whereby he would have served a six-month probationary sentence and retained his pension in exchange for retiring. Now he wants a deal?
What do you think ? Should he get what he deserves! Should he go directly to jail? , Not allowed to pass go? loose his pension? not work for the public sector again and ever collect a cent of tax payers money again?
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