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Homeless paid to stand in line for passports for ten hours

By soome2000     Feb 16, 2007 in World
The homeless in Victoria are getting paid to line up at the passport office for those who need passports.
Travellers who don't want to start a vacation with a 10-hour wait in the passport line have a new option - hire the homeless to stand in line instead.
..A couple of people have already called the office. "One man wanted to hire someone to meet him at 4 a.m. and pay him for 10 hours," Stone said. "He said he'd check on his status during the day to see where he was in the lineup."
"But you'd be giving them an opportunity to put some money in their pockets, they can eat, they can take care of themselves. They won't be panhandling," replied Stone.
Panhandling isn't the only opportunity for the homeless, who says there is no work available, entrepreneurship rules!!
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