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article imageBelief in the Existence of God

By myobservations     Feb 16, 2007 in World
Belief in traditional Christian doctrine has become increasingly difficult for me.
I was born into a religious family, with deep convictions and belief in Christianity and Catholicism. Daily prayer and regular visits to the confessional box were a part of my religious lifestyle. My faith in the mystery of “God the Father”, “God the Son” and “God the Holy Ghost” as one true God, was a clear and ever present part of my religious convictions. I learned to direct my prayers to each of these symbols of God that composed the Blessed Trinity.
As I grew into young adulthood, I began to distance myself from the church and its teachings. I also began to realize that a great deal of the scripture in the Bible was written hundreds of years after the death of Christ. It is now my opinion that much of christian doctrine was defined by men with an agenda of control and indoctrination. I believe in the existence of a “Superior Being” or “Force”, but I do have a great deal of doubt that my God is as described in the Holy Bible.
I am now in my 60’s, and my children have all grown up and have moved out. The funny thing is that I go to church more now, then I ever have since I was a child. Thats because my wife insists that I do so. I try to be reverent in prayer, but the God that I now pray to is not the God as described in the Bible. The God that I pray to is the force of good that I believe lives in all of us. I often wonder how many so-called Christians at Sunday service feel the same as I do.
Note: I originally wrote and published the basic content of this article at my zoofer website,
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