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article imageSee the new Optimus Prime

By Aaron Robson     Feb 15, 2007 in Technology
These images show the toy figures made f, giving us a good idea of how Michael Bay's - director of the all-live-action Transformers movie - redesigned robots in disguise will look in the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC videogame released this summer.
These new transformers are looking crazy, and Optimus prime looks as sexy as ever with those flame vinyls on the front end of his truck. But with all due respect, that's not really how I remember the Transformers, and not how I want to remember them.
You can tell that Micheal bay is trying to go for that whole new fresh look, to make things original and put his mark on the name of transformers. But you can easyly tell where the influence of design comes from for the characters aswell. The flames on Optimus, it looks like something from the fast and the furious along with Need for speed most wanted. And what do we ussually associate with people that put bumpers on their cars that hang low to the ground? Well, I call them fools because the bumpers drag along the ground and break when you go over a normal speed bump, but others might associate those kind of cars with the term "Gangsters." Now, we may call Optimus Prime gangster, but we know for sure that he is straight up and doesn't wear his pants down to his ankles. But I'm just speaking stereotypes here, so who knows, Optimus prime might do that stuff on his spare time.
Now, the bumble bee character to the right of Prime, if I remember correctly and I know I'm not old enough to lose my memory yet, but wasn't bumble bee supposed to be a volkswagon beetle of some sorts? I think so, because as a little kid I had the little tiny action figure of him and he sure as hell wasn't a chrysler.
Well, what can you do, at least they aren't screwing the characters up like they did with the Crash bandicoot series. Or are they?
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