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Anna Nicole's Belongings Turned in to Sheriff's Station

By Brandigal (Donna)     Feb 15, 2007 in Crime
Items stolen from Anna Nicole Smiths home was turned into a South Carolina Sheriff's Office.
A Sheriff's Office released a statement that someone turned in the items that were stolen out of Anna Nicole's home in the Bahamas. Two laptop computers, several hard drives, mini cassette tapes, bags with papers, pictures and photos were returned to them. No Paintings were among the items.
The Sheriff department said the items will be turned over to anyone that shows them a court order for the belongings.
Stern reported a break in to the police in the Bahamas when he returned.
Stern's attorney released this statement "When Howard Stern returned to the house a day later, he learned that ALL of Anna Nicole's personal items had been stolen. These items included computers, external hard drives, mini dv tapes, and dvds containing all of Anna Nicole's personal digital photos and digital home videos, many of which are extraordinarily personal in nature, and a dvd of Anna Nicole's most recent movie 'Illegal Aliens' that has yet to be released in theatres. All of Anna Nicole's personal documents were also stolen, including confidential contracts, banking information, attorney-client privileged documents, and DANNIELYNN's birth certificate. Even paintings hanging in the nursery that Anna Nicole had painted for Dannielynn were stolen."
I guess someone returned some of the items but not all of them. Guess they will be on ebay soon.
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