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The latest on Anna Nicole Smith

By rehfuss     Feb 15, 2007 in Entertainment
Just when it seemed there wasn't any room for more twists in the Anna Nicole Smith saga, bizarre charges that Smith ordered a nanny to underfeed baby Dannielynn in order to make the infant look "sexy" surfaced on Wednesday.
ex-nanny Quethlie Alexis stats in a sworn affidavit obtained by TMZ that Ms. Marshall was obsessed with making sure that her baby was 'sexy.' Ms. Marshall knew that the correct amount of baby food was 3 ounces every 3 hours ... Ms. Marshall insisted that the maximum I was to give was 2.5 ounces.The nanny described Dannielynn as "badly underweight and not thriving, as a baby should."
In the affidavit that was executed Dec. 4 of last year, Alexis says that Smith threatened to "shoot her" if the baby ever addressed her as "Mummy."
Documents made available on the Web site TMZ reveal accusations by ex-nanny Quethlie Alexis
Alexis also claims that while she worked for Smith, the model tried to kill herself two separate times."On the first occasion, she drank in my presence an entire bottle of what I believed to be a sleeping aid," and Smith also tried to drown herself in a swimming pool. An incident that "Entertainment Tonight" also reported recently.Alexis also claims Stern rescued Smith from the pool. She says she heard Stern say after the rescue, "If anything happens to you, I would go to jail."
The affidavit also details the relationship between Smith and Bahamian Minister of Immigration Shane Gibson, who took heat this week for photos which surfaced of he and a fully-clothed Smith hugging in bed.
Alexis said she never witnessed Gibson and Smith having sex, but that the minister would, "spend hours alone with (Smith) in her bedroom" on a "daily basis."
Gibson has denied these aligations ststing that the families became close after the death of Anna's son Daniel.
Howard K. Stern says that she wished to be buried next to her son Daniel who died on Sept. 10 and that her estate will go to her daughter, Dannielynn.
"After Daniel died, we had this discussion. I know what Anna wants. I am going to carry those (wishes) out," Stern told "Entertainment Tonight." "She wanted to be near Daniel and she wanted (Howard) to have the baby that is theirs," Stern's sister Bonnie Stern confirmed.
Stern said that the division of Smith's estate, which could include an award in her battle for a portion of her ex-husband J. Howard Marshall II's millions, is detailed in a will executed in 2001.
"Everything went to her son, Daniel," said Stern. "But now because Daniel is gone, and Dannielynn is her only child… everything goes to Dannielynn. Everything. I am named as the executor."
Smith's longtime companion, Howard K. Stern, and her estranged mother, Vergie Arthur, each hope to win control of the body. Photographer Larry Birkhead, who claims to have fathered the former centerfold's 5-month-old daughter hopes DNA taken from Smith will prove his case.Stern claims he is executor of Smith's will and wants to have her buried next to her son in the Bahamas; Arthur wants her daughter buried in her home state of Texas; and Birkhead simply wants to prove he is the father of Dannielynn, who potentially could inherit millions. These are just a few of the many legal issues that are still up in the air since Smith died a week ago.
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