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Young and Old Man Winter

By Viga Boland     Feb 15, 2007 in Lifestyle
Valentine's Day in our house was far from romantic, but it was funny ... well at least after the shovelling had finished!
Here's what we woke up to at 8am after the worst winter storm to hit Hamilton in years:
The storm resulted in 82,000 students off school, 350 vehicles clearing roads, and $1 million in cleanup costs all thanks to up to 70 cms of snow.
Currently, we have a young 21-year-old Aussie living with us, and he's been waiting all winter to see a really heavy snowfall. He was ecstatic and could hardly sleep all night as he kept running to the back patio door to see how high the snow had piled with each hour. We didn't share his enthusiasm, knowing the back-breaking work it would mean in the morning. But we took the photos below to send to his family in Australia.
We also did some video of him having fun in the snow. But the best part of the video occurs near the end when my 65-year-old hubby tries to pretend he's 21 again too. Enjoy!
One thing that did strike us in these photos was how much more beautiful the scene looked at the beginning than it did in the end!
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